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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  October 28, 2015 1:30am-2:00am EDT

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when the fox morning news start at 4:00 a.m. fox 25 news at 6:00, we told you 16 car windows and a house were shot at with a bb gun. tonight moll into basu is speaking with victims still cleaning up. >> reporter: tonight fitchburg police tell fox 25 there may be more victims out there. in the meantime, police want the community to know that these shootings were random. >> reporter: 16 cars and a home all shot with a bb gun. joe was out to dinner with his family when he noticed his car window was shattered and class in the backseat. >> fortunately, nobody was in the car and all that got damaged was the windows. >> reporter: turns out his car was shot monday night on eaton street. up the road another car window was shot out. >> the persons who reported it don't have a common theme involved, they don't have anything relate to the one another. but we're looking carefully at everything. >> reporter: out of all the window hit, tritia riley is considered lucky.
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fitchburg police say the same shooter hit her bedroom and living room windows. in it also happened monday night at her clearview avenue home. >> i thought it was all different anyway with my house and windows. >> reporter: tritia was away on have a caution when she got the call from her pet sitter. >> she had come over to take care of the pets and said your windows have been shot out and the air is coming in and you're unsafe. >> i heard and i looked out my window because i thought somebody was tapping on my window and i looked over and saw a light coming down the street and i heard a car kind of in idle. and probably about 5 seconds later, the car just set off. >> why me? why am i the only house on the street, was it especially in or just some random stupid punk. >> tonight a neighbor tells fox 25 she saw a black sports car with a spoiler. if you have any information you're asked to call fitchburg police. in the meantime police here are
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also asking the other victims to please could forward. for now in fitchburg, malini basu, fox 25 news. police are now looking for the gunman who shot at the window of a fuel delivery truck while wearing a gorilla mask. it happened in the town of newton, new hampshire. police tell us the truck driver saw the person fire a bb gun out of the backseat of a car wearing the mask. this was in the area of peasley crossing and south main street. the car was a low dark-colored compact that was low to the ground with loud exhaust. the fire breaking out at a home in hingham. that fire happening at a home on lincoln treated around 8:00. there was heavy traffic on route 3a as firefighters worked to put out those flames. there's no word on what caused that fire. the flu vaccine comes in different forms, and for some getting the mist is the way to go. right now there's a shortage at clinics across the u.s. including right here in new england. fox 25's john monahan is here now with when that mist could
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finally be restocked. >> reporter: flumist is in short supply because the company that make it is behind schedule, way behind. they plan to produce 15 million doses, but so far have only made 5 million. and it mail be another 16 weeks before it delivers. not good news for people who don't like needles. >> the sight of a needle for many kids, younger and older, is not a welcome one. >> i'm scared shots. >> because i don't like shots. anything to do with needles, not a fan. >> reporter: flumist usually is an option for needle-shy kids, but this year the head of immunization for the department of public health and massachusetts says the supply is running short. >> due stole production problems only 30 the mist is available until late december but the doctors say don't put off
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of a risk. >> don't delay vaccinations. >> reporter: so if the choice is between waiting until december for flumist or a shot, get a shot. >> the kids are going to go into panic mode, and i'm going to have to bribe them and typically try to avert their eyes, if they're gonna have to have the shots. >> reporter: doctors say this is the best time to get a flu shot. flu season locally typically starts in late november or early december and your body needs a couple of weeks to produce antibodies. bottomline is, do not wait. if you can't find flumist, get the shot. i'm john monahan, fox 25 news. a massachusetts man is under arrest tonight accused of choking a 5-year-old girl in new hampshire. 19-year-old martinez of middleboro turned himself in to exeter new hampshire police late last week. police say he was visiting relatives in exeter when he allegedly choked the little girl. if convicted, martinez faces up
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to 7 years in prison. two men robbed a local coin store and tied up the employees. police say the men walked into the colonial jewelry trading store on main street apparently wanting to sell a piece of jewelry but that's when they attacked two clerks and made off with an unknown amount of gold coins. >> during the transaction, apparently one of these suspects pulled out a taser and tased an employee. a second employee heard the noise car, over to assist and he was tased, as well. >> one of the suspects was also wielding a knife. fox 25 learned a similar incident happened last march, different suspects made off with $250,000 in gold coins. no arrests have been made in either case. police want your help tracking down this bank robbery suspect. these surveillance images new now. police say he hit the systems bank late this morning passing a note to the teller and then running off. chelmsford police is checking to see if this is connected to similar robberies in stone hum
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we heard a 9-month-old baby boy involved in a devastating crash has died. the head-on crash on route 20 also took the life of his father. robert ghoulston spoke with his family today. he's a little miracle. he was sitting right behind chris tina in the car, and we're just so thankful that he's okay. >> reporter: the family of christina shattered. the mother of three was driving two boys to her mother's when she and 9-month-old noah were killed. went head-on into a truck. >> everything christine 93 could do she did for her kids. >> just like a flash, and i thought oh my god, oh, my god. >> reporter: pierre was in the car behind christine. he was hit when his car ricocheted off the cement truck. he jumped out, grabbed christine's 2-year-old son carter and made another discovery. >> when i look and i see there's a baby, too.
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>> state police are investigating the crash, but officials including the oxford fire chief says the turn has a history of crashes. the state telling fox 25 news they recently added rumble strips near the center line but people tonight are push for more to be done. >> she wasn't driving fast. she wasn't reckless. i want people to know that. >> reporter: robert ghoulston, fox 25 news. reports of a man threatening people with a gun put several schools in part of downtown laconia new hampshire in lock-down tuesday afternoon. the s.w.a.t. team was called in to an apartment on judith street. police shot tear gas into the home. they found a gun and ammunition, but the suspect, who they're calling john doe, was nowhere to be found. activities return to normal tonight after intense moments in lock-down at saugus high school. it was this morning after a report of a student with a knife at a school bus stop. police determined that student actually had martial arts training equipment and was not a danger.
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8:30, and classes resumed. witch against warlock. there's a fight brewing in salem but has nothing to do with halloween.
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now headed to jeb bush was a very strong governor, probably the strongest governor in the history of the state of florida. he was a young guy and i think there were some folks in the legislature that thought they might be able to run over him. that didn't happen. one tax cut wasn't enough- he had to do more. it wasn't enough to have 15,000 kids with school choice in florida, he wanted to have 100,000 kids. if he didn't like a project, it was going to be vetoed. were a republican. it didn't matter if you were he said: 'this is where this is how we're going to every politician comes in talking about making change, and generally there's not much change. but governor bush made a lot of changes. he got the nickname veto corleone. if he saw something in the budget that he thought violated his conservative principles, you could guarantee it was
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gonna get whacked. he vetoed a bunch of my stuff and i was the senate president. the message to washington, d.c., is 'get ready...' because there will be change. nright to rise usa is responsible
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is the search continues for this mussing woman from lowell. she disappeared on sunday and tonight there's still no sign of her. the family's concerned because she has disabilities. fox 25's ted daniel reports from lowell where a group held a vigil just a short time ago. elma likes to walk back and forth behind her home for exercise. lawsuit sunday afternoon she left to do just that but hasn't been seen since. as police and family look for any sign of elma, an emotional plea by her niece is one sign of how worried they've become. >> we want her home. we really miss her. >> reporter: ulga is originally from puerto rico. she's been living with her daughter's family in the redwood
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terrace townhouse community in lowell for more than two years. around dinnertime sunday she went for a walk and never came home. the 67-year-old grandmother has severe intellectual disabilities. she functions with the mutual fund of an 8-year-old. >> she's she will sweet. very humble, very shy. she doesn't talk. she doesn't know how to communicate, but she's not -- she won't hurt nobody. >> reporter: lowell police have checked all the nearby businesses, wooded areas and even vacant apartments and homes. >> she has a history of walking off before and she's actually covered some good distance in the past, so that's one of the issues that we have now. we don't know what area to contain. >> if you see her or have her, let her go and let her come home to us. call the police. anything, please. >> ulg0 is 5'2", around 160 pounds and last seen wearing a
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gray sweater and black and white pants. she understands spanish but has a difficult time communicating with people. if you know where she might be or if you see her, are you asked to call 911. reporting in lowell tonight, ted daniel, fox 25 news. on the surface out there right now,@cold night, no doubt about it. it's 44 boston. through pittsburgh and 30 in keene, new hampshire. some thin clouds over the area tonight. thicker clouds arriving in the morning attached to this. some heavy rain, look how it's all coming together in here with some torrential rain being reported in western portions of ohio to eastern indiana, midwestern rape and southern rain all moving toward us. leftover tropical moisture from hurricane pal trish back believe it or not. first shower starts to arrive in massachusetts by 1:30 this afternoon.
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then worcester remains steady. so even creeping up on 128 and spreading over boston before the evening commute is over. this takes up to 6:00 and it's raining steadily. although, it's not the heaviest we're going to see. watch how it lights up during the nighttime hours. there's even the risk for a few thunderstorms, can't rule out something severe popping up with all this tropical rain we have in our atmosphere. the sun pokes out during the middle of the day thursday, fires up a few leftover showers into the afternoon and evening. that's important. i'll stop it here at 9:00 because by then the patriots and dolphins will be playing down there at gillette. 59 degrees, under partly cloudy skies. dry and dusty thursday evening. good night for football. rainfall total, not much by 6:00 in the evening but by midnight
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thursday morning, getting up to a half inch of rain. more on worcester county. some of the heavier totals will be around the worcester, back into the berkshires and southern vermont and southwestern new hampshire. these will wrap up between 1 and 2 inches before it's all said and done later on thursday morning. some isolated in spots possible. and as far as under with gusts, this is the other issue with this storm. ramping up over 20 miles per hour and gusts by 6:30 in then up to 30 miles per hour on morning. gusts over 40 by 2:00. and even over 50 potentially during the evening as the storm really gets going during morning. there are even forecast gusts as high as 57 by our futurecast data. strong wind gusts are likely with the storm and they'll persist right into thursday, as well. that's another part of this storm that we'll have to watch for. that's why the wind advisory is scattered damage.
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advisory for some splashover during high tide. 10:00 in the morning, 2:00 in the afternoon. the seven-day forecast with where your weekend is always in view. we'll get rid of the rain for thursday night, friday and saturday looking pretty nice to end your week and start your weekend, despite the fact that it's gonna be a little cooler. as far as temperatures coming up for you, things are looking pretty good. your halloween trick-or-treating will be cool and dry, between 40 and 53 degrees. a five-year-old hit by a car. >> that's right. we're covering it right now in worcester. thanks for staying with us as our special late night coverage continues right here right now. i'm mark ockerbloom. erika richy at the time us the little by apparently got dropped off by a school bus right before the crash. >> and the bus stop is on this busy stretch of road, even that the hour. imagine how many cars are passing by late in the afternoon. now imagine a 5-year-old little child trying to cross from that said to this all by himself. >> and the boy came out here,
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and he got struck right there and landed right there. >> reporter: the collision between a 5-year-old boy and chevy impalla is as fresh in ron's mind today as it was when he was in the middle of it yesterday afternoon. >> an adrenaline kicks in, and you just want to get in there and help. >> reporter: the accident happened right in front of his home in worry chester. he says he heard the commotion and rushed in to help. >> i said you're gonna be okay, buddy. gonna be okay. >> reporter: that was around 3:40 in the afternoon, right after the school bus dropped the boy and the other kids at the bus stop on the corner. the boy's paints weren't there to pick him up, and his older sister who usually walks him home, had stayed after school, so the 5-year-old tried crossing the four-lane street all alone. >> here's why it's so days because by the time you're able to get past the parked cars to step if the coast is clear, you're already in a lane. i'm an adult, a good two-feet taller than what a child would likely be. the child probably as only as
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high as the car's bumper. >> he would have been aligned perfectly with oncoming traffic. >> he was laying on the ground. he wasn't crying. >> reporter: he was thrown 24 feet and remarkably only has minor head trauma and a broken leg. the focus is shifted to the bus driver who let the boy off alone. the child was a student at the abby carter charter school and in that bus policy it clearly states elementary school children will not be left at a bus stop if a parent or other responsible party is not there to meet them. attempts to reach the school were unvaluable tonight but no citations were issued and charges filed and that includes against the driver who hit the boy. erica ricci, fox 25 news. 11 years ago tonight, make that last night, october 27th, 2004, the sox won the st. louis
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the world series championship. it was until the moment fans will never forget ground ball by keith bulk sends it over to first base and there was the celebration ensuing. witchs and warlocks facing off tomorrow. self-proclaimed witch claims that warlock christian day has been harassing her on the phone and on social media. they had been in business together for years but had a falling out. christian day has made headlines in the past attacking actor charlie sheen for calling himself a vatican assassin warlock. he said he would work to magically find sheen and not to use that word in any offensive way again. >> that's a crazy story. it was an epic world series, game 1, is ended more than tough hours after it started. got the latest from kansas city. and david krejci playing like a stud for the bruins, made a big difference tonight at the garden who's toughest on spending?
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who has the plan for jobs? tax cuts for the middle class. eliminates special loopholes. an explosion in growth and new jobs. jeb: cut taxes. grow america. is responsible for the content of this message. s. you saw it here on fox 25, the first extra inning game 1 of the world series since 2000 when the mets lost to yankees that time. and tonight the mets lost to the royals. it was an electic start to the series. first pitch, kansas city, roups to the gap in the left centerfield. ricochets off dionne's leg. here we go. took about 14 seconds to get
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around the bases. most of us would just be rounding second base. it was 1-0, kansas city. 1-pitch hit. ninth inning, royals down 1. samelia gets the game-tying home run to alex gordon. the stadium going bananas. they played that the 14th inning. eric hosser gets the game winner. escobar ends up scoring the last run, too. the royals take it by a 5-4 final. game 2 will start 10 minutes from now. just kidding. we're officially one day away from the patriots' match-up with the dolphins and expedited thursday night on tap, bryan salmon was in foxboro yesterday. >> tom brady does is not blind. today brady did not look like a guy who would be affected two negatively about the quick turn-around in playing right here on thursday night.
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>> you do the best you can and you gotta work as hard as you can physically and you gotta be push through it. it's a fun week, i think, you know, the competition starts seniors in the last game ends. day. we gotta be balanced. we gotta try taking control of the game. there's -- there's nothing easy about it. >> listening to tv 12 today you can say he's like an elephant. he does not forget. he remembers losing to the miami dolphins and says this game on thursday will not be easy. inside gillette stadium, bryan salmon, fox 25 news. dalton head coach dan campbell what a lot of respect for tight ends. he played tightened in the nfl and losing sleep over rob gronkowski. listen to what he said about trying to stop him. >> i mean, the guy is an animal and he can do everything. kind of like what we did with j.j. watts last week. we put all five linemen on him. we'll probably just put the
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whole secondary on him and go from there. >> he'll probably just carry him on his back. brew is back in boston tonight trying to do something they haven't done all season and that was to win at home. david krejci for one was not going to let the opportunity pass. no gas in the tank. david krejci got it going with his sixth of the year in the first, moving ahead to the second, 1-0. jimmy hayes on the board with his third goal as the bruins. and then that made it 2-0. later in the second, kind of a cool play here from joe morrow. looking to pass, but comes back to him. all right, i'll choose. thank you very much. coyotes rolled over from there, krejci, just keep 'em coming. this man is on fire. the bruins take it tonight to the td garden 6-0. let's check the numbers on krejci. he's been remarkable. your nhl leader in points 14 so far through 8 games and does it
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tied for fourth. a touring taste and critical as the bruins have tried to turn things around. there's a part of me that would love to do sport casts at 1:40 in the morning. >> which part is the that. >> the punchy part. all right, we have shiri in right now. tell us exactly what's happening for the next couple of hours. >> i'm kind of angry at her because if she could have come here a half-hour early i could have gone home. >> seven-day forecast, rain tomorrow afternoon and picks up tomorrow night. we'll have wind vase sorry,
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for the girl scout meeting. okay.
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